Dental Technologies


At Best Impression Dental your comfort and safety are our top priorities. We have chosen to employ the technologies that we feel align most with these core values.

  • X-Rays

    we have all heard concerns and complaints from patients over the years regarding radiation from xrays as well as discomfort. We listened! At Best Impression Dental we use a handheld x-ray device called the Nomad. The Nomad allows us to provide less radiation and more comfort to our patients. The provider taking the x-rays is in the room the whole time making the process quicker and easier.

  • Vista Clear

    our in-office purification system provides sterilized water directly to all our treatment rooms and sterilization system. T x-ray machine that patients find more comfortable and that provides less radiation to our Vista Clear water treatment system that provides pure distilled water directly to all our treatment rooms. Having a closed loop system ensures the water is 100% clean, 100% of the time!

  • Warm Water rinses

    whether your teeth are cold sensitive or not having warm water rinse makes all the difference! We have added water heaters to all our water lines to make your visit even more enjoyable. Trust us you’ll love it!

  • Monitors

    each private treatment room has its own monitor. This allows your dental team to involve you in your care. We can visually walk you through what is going on in your mouth using both x-rays and intra-oral photos. The monitors also serve as entertainment, offering both Netflix and YouTube TV for your viewing pleasure!

  • Intra-Oral Camera

    intra-oral cameras allow us to take up close, detailed pictures of the teeth and surrounding tissues. These photos enable us to show patients exactly what is going on with their mouth, so we can both educate them and get the them involved in deciding what treatment options are best suited for their needs.

At Best Impression Dental we choose our technologies with your comfort in mine. We want to create the ultimate patient experience. 

Our Technologies


Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography provides a detailed view of your individual tooth.



Electronic Claims

Best Impression Dental utilizes electronic claims processing.



Intraoral Camera

We use a pen-sized camera to zoom in on & photograph cracked teeth...



Paperless Charting

Paperless charting means more efficiency and more accuracy.


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